Strategic Leadership Webinar Series

Global Insights: DestinationNEXT 2021 Futures Study

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global visitor economy has prompted most destination organisations to re-evaluate their purpose. In this context, the DestinationNEXT Futures Study 2021 identifies global trends and opportunities that will shape the future of our industry, drawing from key insights provided by over 200 industry leaders from more than 50 countries.

Co-hosted by AACB and BESydney, this webinar brought together in conversation report co-author Paul Ouimet with Regional Co-Chair of the DestinationNEXT Global Advisory Group and study contributor Lyn Lewis-Smith (CEO, BESydney) to deep dive into three transformational sector opportunities that set the strategic foundations for the future of destination organisations: destination alignment, sustainable development and values based marketing. 

(L) Lyn Lewis-Smith CEO, BESydney (R) Paul Ouimet Partner, President, MMGY NextFactor and Managing Director DestinationNEXT, Destinations International


Local Connection: Becoming a Community Shared Value

Co-hosted by AACB and the Melbourne Convention Bureau, this webinar showcased thought leader Jack Johnson who shared a values based roadmap for destination organisations to embrace community alignment.

To succeed, Destinations International believes that destination organisations need to realise our local residents are our ultimate customers and our role a common good. We must make our efforts a shared value in our community and our teams a community asset. We can no longer count on blind government support; we can no longer solely rely on ROI statistics and we can no longer rely on visitation numbers to be the measure of our success

(L) Jack Johnson Chief Advocacy Officer, Destinations International (R) Julia Swanson CEO, Melbourne Convention Bureau  


Words Matter: Rewriting our Industry's Narrative

During this exclusive webinar, Andreas Weissenborn launched the 2021 Australian Tourism Lexicon.

Destinations International has made the case that we need to support the message of ROI with an emotional  appeal to convince political leaders and community stakeholders that without a destination organisation, these returns will inevitably vanish. If we are going to be successful in changing the narrative surrounding our industry, it starts with a values-based approach – where emotion and logic meet. That means talking to stakeholders in a manner that is simple and emotional and connects their values to your organisation.

(L) Andreas Weissenborn VP Research & Advocacy, Destinations International (R) Andrew Hiebl CEO, Association of Australian Convention Bureaux


Conversation: With Global Destinations Leader, Don Welsh

Brisbane Economic Development Agency's Chief Operating Officer, Juliet Alabaster, led a thought provoking conversation with global destinations trailblazer, Don Welsh, which explored the future role, direction and priorities of destination organisations in a post-pandemic world.

A seasoned tourism executive with more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Don Welsh has held positions with almost every sector within the travel and tourism industry. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Destinations International, the global trade association for convention and visitors bureaus and tourism boards.

(L) Juliet Alabaster Chief Operating Officer, Brisbane Economic Development Agency (R) Don Welsh President and CEO, Destinations International 


A Decade of Data: The Event Impact Calculator at Ten Years

While the Event Impact Calculator has been with Destinations International for ten years, the premiere measurement tool has only been introduced to Australia via AACB within the last two, with a focus on the meetings module.

Hear from leading visitor economy research experts in Andreas Weissenborn of Destinations International and Michael Shoory of Tourism Economics on a decade of learnings from the tool that has brought with it an arsenal of new metrics that value the core services we offer as destination organisations.

(L) Andreas Weissenborn VP Research & Advocacy, Destinations International (R) Michael Shoory Lead Economist - Asia Pacific, Tourism Economics

AACB and Destinations International joined forces to deliver a Strategic Leadership Webinar Series to entice thought leadership and inform post pandemic direction and purpose.

This webinar series explored high level global insights, becoming a community asset, rewriting our industry’s narrative, and promoting our impact.

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