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The Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) brings together Australia’s most influential city and regional convention bureaux dedicated to marketing their specific region as premier business events destinations to domestic and international markets. The bureaux also recognise their collective responsibility to promote Australia as a whole. AACB is unique in the constructive way its members and Board work together on issues of importance to the broader sector. AACB uses its influence and a collaborative approach to bring stakeholder groups together, including government, to support growth in business events.


The AACB is the peak business events network driving economic prosperity for Australia.


AACB leads the business events industry by identifying and addressing issues and opportunities for industry recognition and growth.

Strategic Priorities

1. To promote the economic contribution and social impact of business events to Australia.

The direct and indirect benefits of business events need to be effectively communicated to key audiences, including Federal Government and parliamentarians across political parties; State Governments; key business and university groups; bureaux and their members; trade and the media.

2. To leverage partnership with Government to drive policy and investment decisions for the business events sector.

Universal recognition of the industry and its benefits should result in policy support and investment, as long as the industry is clear about the policy and funding settings it seeks.

3. To drive sustainability through stakeholder engagement and relevance.

For AACB to be effective in its activities we must maintain critical mass - both in membership and in resourcing.

Media Release
BECA calls on Federal MPs to back business events in pre-election Canberra advocacy mission

Members of the Business Events Council of Australia (BECA), launched a pre-election campaign at Parliament House in Canberra last week calling on Members of Parliament to unequivocally support policy and funding of the sector...

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