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About us

The Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) brings together Australia’s most influential city and regional convention bureaux dedicated to marketing their specific region as premier business events destinations to domestic and international markets. The bureaux also recognise their collective responsibility to promote Australia as a whole. AACB is unique in the constructive way its members and Board work together on issues of importance to the broader sector. AACB uses its influence and a collaborative approach to bring stakeholder groups together, including government, to support growth in business events.


The AACB is the peak business events network driving economic prosperity for Australia.


AACB leads the business events industry by identifying and addressing issues and opportunities for industry recognition and growth.

Strategic Priorities

1. Growing Australia's global
business events competitiveness.

Business events contribute $30 billion to the Australian economy each year. By working in partnership with government we can encourage policy and investment decisions to decrease barriers for international business events in Australia, sending the message that Australia is ‘open for business’..

2. Demonstrating the impact of business events through
research and storytelling.

Business events are an economic power house in Australia, but the extent of their positive impact is not widely understood. We can raise the profile of business events by being trusted experts, working in partnership to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental benefits of business events using compelling and reliable information.

3. Leading a connected and vibrant business events industry.

As the peak Australian business events network, AACB is the central voice leading a healthy industry. By uniting the sector behind key messages and sharing relevant resources we can create a more connected and vibrant industry that is better able to take up opportunities for shared innovation and growth.

4. Operating an agile,
high-performing and united

To provide leadership and value to our members, we need to be at the forefront of industry change and maintain a strong understanding of our members unique needs and challenges. Underpinned by a sustainable business model, this will enable us to deliver quality products and services.

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