Pre-Budget Submission 2017-2018

AACB Pre-Budget Submission Front Cover


On 9 December 2016 the Minister for Small Business called for Pre-Budget Submissions from individuals, businesses and community groups on their views regarding priorities for the 2017-18 Budget. For further information, please see the press release by the Minister for Small Business on 9 December 2016. Submissions closed on 17 February 2017. 237 submissions were received by the Treasury in response to this consultation.

The AACB’s five budget priorities 

1. Invest in a national convention bid fund of up to $10 million per year to increase Australia's competitiveness in bringing conventions and exhibitions of national significance to our cities. 
2. Grant access to the fee-free online Electronic Travel Authority visa scheme for attendees of major business events. Estimated foregone revenue of $10 million per year.
3. Fund a dedicated $10 million business events marketing campaign to change perceptions of Australia as a knowledge economy.
4. Allocate $4 million of Australian aid per year for travel bursary to bring academics, scientists and business leaders from the Indo-Pacific to international conventions held in Australia. 
5. Restore the rules around the Export Market Development Grants to allow approved bodies to receive full funding for international marketing.

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