24 Nov 2014

AACB Presents Deloitte Report to the Productivity Commission

The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission has commenced a research project examining Australia’s international tourism industry – calling for comment. Objectives of the project are to examine trends, drivers and barriers to growth in the sector.

The Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) has responded by presenting the Productivity Commission with its recent study titled Australia’s International Business Events Sector: The Economic and Strategic Value Proposition.

AACB, in partnership with Deloitte Access Economics, has taken a leadership role by delivering a robust study on the benefits of international business events - highlighting the sector’s contribution to the Australian economy.

“AACB has been working hard to advocate for a stronger international business events sector on behalf of industry,” said AACB Executive Director, Andrew Hiebl. “While we represent 15 convention bureaux that promote their regions as premier business event destinations, their reach extends to more than 1600 operators across the business events spectrum. Therefore, it is critical that we take a clear, consistent and professional message to Government.”

The Deloitte Report has enabled AACB to respond with quantitative and qualitative data, focusing specifically on two of the project’s considerations including trends and the role of government.

The Commission plans to publish its international tourism paper in early 2015.


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