Forward Calendar

About the AACB Forward Calendar of International Business Events

The AACB has produced an annual performance report for almost two decades. These reports have enabled AACB’s members to benchmark their performance on a range of dimensions. In recent times, the AACB has developed a new data collection system which allows key market intelligence to be shared frequently with its strategic partners and government stakeholders.

Business events are unique in that they are the only tourism sector that provides a vision of confirmed future business. AACB’s Forward Calendar outlines international business events attracted to Australia by convention bureaux across the country.

This intelligence can be used by governments and their departments to maximise the beyond tourism benefits that these events offer, such as:

  • Attract global talent
  • Transfer knowledge
  • Boost productivity
  • Nurture research collaboration
  • Foster innovation
  • Encourage foreign investment
  • Stimulate trade
  • Promote cultural exchange
  • Deliver community benefits
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