Foreign Policy White Paper

Foreign Policy White Paper

On 13 December 2016 the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment called for submissions from the public to help inform and shape the Australian Government's Foreign Policy White Paper. See the Press Release here

The call for submissions asked that the following key issues relating to to its foreign policy: 

  1. Australia's foreign policy needs to be grounded in a clear-eyed assessment of our national interests. 
  2. Australia has diverse interests that span the globe. 
  3. Australia is an influential player in regional and international organisations. 
  4. Australia needs to be ambitious in grasping economic opportunities. 
  5. Australia confronts a range of strategic security and transnational challenges. 
  6. Australia uses a range of assets and capabilities to pursue our international interests. 

In its presentation to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the AACB aligned the following recommendations with key issues outlined in the White Paper call for submissions:

  • As Australia seeks to be more ambitious in grasping economic opportunities, we recommend investing in a national convention bid fund of up to $10 million per year to increase Australia’s competitiveness in bringing conventions and exhibitions of national significance to our cities.
  • To ensure Australia is positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the global economy, it should grant access to the fee-free online Electronic Travel Authority visa scheme for attendees of major business events.
  • In support of a more prosperous, peaceful and stable region, a travel bursary should be established to bring academics, scientists and business leaders from the Indo-Pacific to international conventions held in Australia.
  • To advance Australia’s economic, science and innovation interests, it must change perceptions of Australia as a knowledge economy by funding a dedicated business and innovation marketing campaign.
  • To grow Australia’s regional and international influence, policy settings that will attract international organisation and intergovernmental agency headquarters to Australia will also result in their conventions being hosted in country.


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