Federal Election 2019

On May 18, the result of the 2019 federal election will be decided.

The business events industry is a good news story that injects more than $30 billion into the Australian economy and sustains 193,000 jobs each year. We augment economic activity well beyond directly measurable metrics, underpinning knowledge creation and exchange, innovation, trade, investment, and attract global talent. Together, we punch well above our weight putting Australia on the world stage!

Yet in the cut and thrust of a federal election campaign, our positive industry can easily be overlooked.

This year, the AACB has compared the business events policies of the Liberal National Coalition and the Australian Labor Party to help inform your votes.

Below are the comparisons of serveral policy positions key to the success of Australia's business events industry into the future.

To see the full comparison document visit 2019 Election Policy Comparison - Business Events.pdf

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