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Barriers to Services Exports Issues Paper


The Treasurer requested that the Productivity Commission undertake a research study into barriers to growth in Australian services exports. 

Productivity Commission Issues Paper, Barriers to Services Exports, identifies service industries as a large and growing share of the Australian economy and world trade. While services account for approximately 70 per cent of the Australian economy, they represent only 20 per cent of Australia's total exports indicating there is scope for significant growth. Some service industries are subject to extensive regulation and barriers to entry. The Government considers there is scope to reduce these and other barriers to growth. 

Objectives of the study

  • Consider recent trends and drivers in services exports.
  • Examine domestic barriers to growth.
  • Examine barriers to growth where Australia does not have free trade agreements/economic partnership agreements.
  • Provide assessment of the ecnomic benefits of removing or reducing barriers.
  • Examine other international economies in developing policy approaches.

AACB submitted an issues paper in response to the terms of reference and highlighted barriers to services exports in relation to Business Events and the tourism sector.

AACB's Submission:  

Australian Services Exports, submission by AACB


Business Events Missed Opportunity, 26 August 2015

Research Project on Australia's International Tourism Industry


The Productivity Commission completed a research project examining Australia’s international tourism industry in early 2015. The project is part of a suite of research papers initiated by the Commission on topics of significant national interest.

Objectives of the study

The project examined trends, drivers and barriers to growth in the Australian international tourism industry. Including consideration of:

  • Trends in Australia's international tourism industry, including factors that affect demand for Australian tourism services and the sensitivity of demand for Australian inbound tourism to changes in these factors
  • The role of government, including the rationale for government involvement in the tourism industry
  • The effect of aviation policy and regulation, including the extent to which aviation policy and regulations facilitate or impede a competitive market for flights to, from and within, Australia
  • The effect of land management policy and regulation, including the role of government in managing the use of environmental, heritage or cultural assets and the approaches that can be used to help manage use of such sites.

The Commission sought both qualitative and quantitative information on topics relevant to the Australian international tourism industry.

AACB's Submission:

Australia's International Tourism Industry, submission by AACB

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